klljbkjvvjhvjgvGoody Two Shoes — a non-profit started by Atlanta native Kimy Kennedy Stewart.

‘Spreading GOOD DEEDS one at a time’ is the company motto.

Goody Two Shoes supports spreading Little Free Libraries all over the place!

GOOD DEEDS  can be small, medium or large.  Or even a good THOUGHT.  Good thoughts are powerful things.  I completely believe this to be true ::::wiggling toes merrily::::::

Goody Two Shoes plans to spread good deeds just like Johnny Appleseed spread seeds for apple trees.  That’s such a happy thought.  I’ve had too much coffee this morning can you tell? LOL

Kimy Kennedy Stewart  owns several estate sale companies , the mom of two fabulous kids – Andrew & Laura (aka the Doodle) and has two scotties – Pip & Cricket, is a published author and loves to write – PERIOD.

She’s a lover of books and feels super blessed with friends and family.  She’s a founding member of Historic College Park Book Club – an ecclectic group of gals.

There’s so much to be happy about in life — spreading that happiness — however small — can change so many things — Kimy Kennedy Stewart


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